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Who Is A Father?



Sanctify Us Wholly (1Thess. 5:23-24)

A Child's Perspective

Dismemberment (1Cor. 12:21)

Equip The Sowers

Much Like You

Nothing Hidden

Praise Him!

Sundry Proverbs

A Psalm Of God's Goodness & Severity

A Psalm Of Praise

When You Stand For Truth


Why poetry? God included poetry in His word, so evidently it can be an instructive and beneficial thing. After all, we are not just thinking beings, but also emotional. As for my poems, it helps me think through things. It helps me express what I find difficult to express. Even as a preacher, it is hard to say what people do not want to hear. Some evidently think that because I do it therefore I find some perverse delight in it; but such thinking is foolishness. I am obligated by God to teach the truth in order to save my own soul, to set an example for my wife and children, and in order to save some. If I am unpopular for this, if any percieve my actions as malicious... then as Paul said, "And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; even though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved." (2 Cor. 12:15)

Who Is A Father

Who is a father?

A father is not one who physically genders you,
but one who cares for you.

A father is not one who calls you names,
but one who calls you by name.

A father is not one who destroys your interest and curiosity,
but one who molds and guides it.

A father is someone who teaches you to laugh when you fail,
and to see past the pain to better things.

A father is someone who you can love,
not because you have to,
but because he is someone you want to love.

dwh 11-22-10 4:48am


I don’t understand and yet I do
Christians who don’t follow Christ
Brethren who do not lend spiritual aid
An attitude of friendliness at all costs
Never, ever frown, express disapproval or disagree
For then you will end our great reverie

Oh we can talk and yet we cannot
Of a thousand things but not sin within
Of denominations out there but never error here
Of those who never attend but never those who do
Preach it preacher, just not at us
For us, be perpetually kind and honey sweet

As a child I too would daydream
It was wishful thinking
Imagining what life could be like, but wasn’t
And for all that time spent in fantasy
I had to return to reality
And deal with the problems of life

It seems that so many
Have their head in the clouds
A myopic perspective and view
To see what’s not here
And miss what is near
That will hinder what we say we pursue

Tis true we all sin
And by merit ne’r win
An entrance to glory divine
But we are forewarned
If His word we do scorn
We will face judgment on the wrong side

dwh 5-9-07 11:04am


When your house is on fire – all see the urgency
The parents frantically rush the children out to safety
The neighbor hurriedly dials 911
Some even help the family out of the house.
The police and firemen race with sirens blaring
Relatives are quickly notified and help is offered
A physical threat is visible and readily understandable

But what of our spiritual houses – how many see the urgency?
Do we fervently teach our children of the danger of sin?
Do we care enough for our neighbors to try to help them spiritually?
Are the elders, the preacher or any faithful Christian sought out for guidance?
Are brethren moved from complacency into action?
A spiritual threat is not so visible and it is easy to willfully forget.

Or do we just smile and act like all is well?
Do we enjoy the singing
Especially songs like “When we all get to heaven”?
Even when we know a brother nearby is not currently going?
Doesn’t it break your heart? Shouldn’t it?
Why doesn’t it? Why don’t we see? Why don’t we see?

dwh 5-9-07 11:17am

Sanctify Us Wholly (1 Thess. 5:23-24)

Oh Lord, sanctify us wholly
Glorify thy name in all the earth
And in the Heaven of Heavens
May all thy angels shout with praise

Make thy servants
In the image of your Son
Change what we have defiled
Make in us a new heart

May our soul reflect thy righteousness
May our lips sing praise of thy faithfulness
My our hands be pure in service
May our feet be swift to perform thy will

Oh Lord, sanctify us wholly
Glorify thy name in all the earth
And from the depths of our heart
May we shout thy praise

dwh 4-28-07 10:30pm

A Child's Perspective

I heard you get up early, to prepare us for worship.
And I learned that worship is important.

I saw you working, helping Mom.
And I learned to help others.

I heard you praying.
And I learned there was a God I could talk to.

I saw you apologize to Mommy.
And I learned Dad's can be humble.

I saw you read your Bible.
And I learned that Dad's need guidance.

I felt you kiss my cheek at night.
And learned that I was loved.

dwh 4-7-07

Dismemberment (1 Cor. 12:21)

My soul weeps at our parting
In this there's no delight (1 Cor. 12:25-26)
Though some would take great pleasure
And manifest great spite.

We are one body in Jesus
We are one church, you see?
Though each one be so different
In personality. (Acts 18:24; 2 Cor. 11:6)

In this we should be patient
In this we should show love. (Rom. 14:6)
But for sinful things we cannot yield
Else we lose our home above. (Gal. 2:5)

Dear brother and dear sister,
You break my heart, again
To walk away and role your eyes
Shall nothing here amend.

Our Savior has commanded
That we should walk in peace. (Rom. 14:19; 12:18)
And if 'tis thought that all is well
We've bought into deceit. (James 1:22)

For Satan has a grip on us
If bitter contempt we hold.
And Satan has his victory
When our heart has been turned cold. (Heb. 3:13)

So listen please, dear member,
Please hear this earnest plea.
I am so straight and plain of speech (1 Cor. 3:1-3; 15:34)
Because I do love thee. (1 Cor. 16:24)

dwh 1/99

Equip The Sowers

He who wins souls,
Must surely be wise;
To speak to the lost ones,
And win them to Christ.

And how do you gain so much,
Wisdom on Earth?
Perhaps you are born with it,
Gifted from birth?

Mayhap you have gone to,
A special good school;
And have learned all your learning,
And equipped every tool?

No, no! Its not measured,
Or gained by such means;
But those who do study,
God's word and believe!

The Good Book is what our,
Dear Lord has supplied;
To fill us with faith thats,
Hard working, alive!

For sowing and reaping,
Must simply be done;
The Truth must be shared if,
One souls to be won!

By living and sharing,
The Truth day by day;
We'll be ready, be able,
Our neighbors to save!

dwh 11-2-02

Much Like You

We do not choose our parents,
Nor how we were a-raised.
For good or ill they had us,
For all our youthful daze.

Perhaps we have fond mem’ries
Perhaps we have sad views.
What’ere the case, we must face
Our future all anewz.

Perhaps they were quite gentle,
Loving, good and kind.
Perhaps the things they taught you
Are not worth a dime.

But time will make you older,
A parent yourself may be.
Think how you will a-treat them,
Think how they will you see.

Ears night and day will hear you.
Those little eyes perceive.
Just how will you instruct them?
By chance or tenacity?

From you they’ll learn so many things,
For good or ill imbued.
The question is will you be glad,
They learned it straight from you?

For when you’re old and they are grown,
You’ll look at them anew.
And see the men that they’ve become,
And they’ll be much like you.

dwh 4-7-07

Nothing Hidden

I am poured out before Thee, Oh God;
Nothing is hidden from Your sight.
Thou, who hast created my soul,
And formed my flesh.
Thou, who hast made all the heavens,
And the earth and seas beneath.
Thou, who didst send Your own Son,
To redeem mankind.
Yea, Thou Mighty God and wondrous Maker
Of all that is.
Search me, let not darkness find,
One place within my soul.

dwh 10-10-99

Praise Him!

Sing Praise to our Creator,
Without Him we would not be
He spoke into existence
All things including me.

So sing out the great story
Of all His power and might
Of His divine and wondrous wisdom
Which unto us has brought life.

Sing praise to our Redeemer
What wondrous things He's done
To die for our transgressions
When He'd committed none.

His glory does shine brighter
His truth and love we see
For our wayward souls He purchased
Yes, He died for you and me.

The Spirit of Truth was sent down
To teach and to reveal
He told those twelve apostles
The details of God's will

They faithfully recorded
Each word He to them spoke
Of God's most glorious doings
Yea, of God's great will they wrote.

Now let us praise our Savior
For all that He has done
He left His home of glory
And on this earth was shunned.

He rose o'er death victorious
A promise to instill
That when he comes to judge the earth
The faithful with joy He'll fill!

dwh 1-12-99

Sundry Proverbs

A blazing star has a marvelous glory,
But a steady twinkle endures beyond that brilliant brevity.
~ ~ ~
He who glories in his shame,
Shall reap eternally the same.
~ ~ ~
He who rejects wisdom,
Shall be rejected for his folly.
~ ~ ~
He who lacks love lacks life;
And he who lacks wisdom shall perish.
~ ~ ~
He who seeks to do good,
Shall find opportunity for his desire.
And he who seeks not,
Shall also obtain his purpose.
~ ~ ~
There are things which devour a man from within;
Yet the pure of heart have peace and health.
~ ~ ~
Those who give when nothing can be returned,
Shall find favor of God.
~ ~ ~
The riches of the coveteous are never enough
But the righteous are satisfied to dwell in peace.
~ ~ ~
He who loves pleasure loves death.
He who fears God loves life.
~ ~ ~
For the diligent rest is sweet.
But for the slothful even slumber is a labor.
~ ~ ~
He who regards not the life of his beast,
Shall bear the burden himself.
~ ~ ~
A blazing star is for a moment glorioius,
And forever after dark.
~ ~ ~
A steady twinkle endures much,
And through faithfulness obtains its glory.
~ ~ ~
The glory of a falling star is marvelous;
But the glory of the steady twinkle,
Outlasts that brilliant brevity.
So shall the joys of sin fade.
And the joys of the faithful endure.
~ ~ ~

A Psalm Of God's Goodness & Severity

The constant low rumble of thunder;
The flashes of light that crack the night wide open;
Declare God's fierce judgments;
Declare God's swift wrath.

Who can stand before God
And say, "I am clean"?
Who can lift up their hands
And say, "I am pure"?

Behold! None are clean, all are impure!
Lean not on yourselves, ye men.
Trust not in great ones, nor their thoughts;
For they too are just men and they fail.

Trust in the Lord, His way is good and righteous;
He is merciful to those who turn to Him;
He is full of gentleness to the humble;
And to those that fear Him.

dwh 8-23-97

A Psalm Of Praise

Oh sing to the Lord!
Lift high your voice in praise!
For He hath delivered them,
Yea, those who fear Him
He has saved.

Lift up the hands that are feeble,
Raise up the head and sing!
For He is mighty who leads us
And though the people rage,
He remains our Glorioius King.

Fear not, nor be dismayed at men
For their influence fades as the grass.
Though they tear and destroy in their day
It is God who shall bring justice
Yea, justice to all His afflicted.

In Thee we rejoice, Oh Holy One
In Thee we have victory over death
In Thee we rejoice, Oh Mighty King
In Thee shall obtain an eternal rest.

dwh 10-31-98

When You Stand For Truth

When you stand for Truth,
I will stand with you.
When you are discouraged,
I will do my best to encourage you.
When you stumble,
I will do my best to help you get back up.
When you persist in sin,
I will rebuke you in love.
When you still persist in sin,
I will warn others of your influence.
When you oppose Truth,
I will oppose you.
If you slander me,
I will pray for you & for me.
If you repent,
I will forgive you,
And we can stand together again in Truth.

dwh 10-10-06

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