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Two Gospels - Rightly Divided (Don Behel's False Doctrine). Look under section G/Gospel.

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Psalms outlines added; Abortion - Zinc Spark (MSWord)

Page Updated

Acts Outline,
When is an Example Binding? (Example),
Things Children Should Know (Family),
Medical Marijuana, Divorce For The Kingdom's Sake (MDR), Unity in Adversity

Page Updated

Abortion - Answering The Denial Of Personhood (pdf)

Abortion - Life Begins At Conception (doc)

Abortion - When Does Life Begin? (doc)

Bible Classes, Are They Scriptural? (ppt)

Church, History After 100s AD (ppt)

River Community Church, The (doc)

Dreams (ppt)

Dee Bowman's Strange Worries (Christianity Magazine) (doc)

Heaven (ppt)

Holy Spirit, Gift of the (ppt)

Holy Spirit, Identity of the (ppt)

Homosexuality and Free Speech (doc)

Humanist Manifesto (Humanism, Philosophy) (ppt)

Lord's Supper, One Container Issue (One Cup) (ppt)

Modesty In All Seasons (doc)

Parenting - Expect More (Family) (doc)


Walking By Faith Series (ppt)

Printable TRACTS On Various Topics (pdf)

May We Use Instrumental Music In Worship? (ppt)

Why Are There So Many Churches? (ppt)

Fruit of the Spirit Series (ppt)

First Principles Series (pdf)


Power Point sermons, Microsoft Word outlines & occasional PDF articles in alphabetical order. I have attempted to place them by their topic or by the book & chapter they address. If you do not have powerpoint, get PowerPoint Viewer 2007 for free. To read pdf files, get Acrobat Reader. Foundational lessons are marked with a . If you need something in a different format, contact us about it and we will do our best to make it available. In order to search this page for a word, hit "Ctrl + F".

NOTE: I make no apology for addressing specific issues, even naming names of false teachers and their doctrines. It is evident in the Scriptures that this is to be done (2 Tim. 2:17-18; etc.). Ignorance of such dangers only results in more people being harmed. May we all have ears to hear, that God may bless us through the knowledge of the Truth.

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Gospel Meetings


Abortion (ppt) (audio mp3)

Abortion - When Does Life Begin? (ppt)

Abortion - Answering The Denial Of Personhood (pdf)

Abortion - Life Begins At Conception (doc)

Abortion - When Does Life Begin? (doc)

Abortion - Zinc Spark (doc)

Abstinence Is Reasonable (Sex) (pdf)

Acts Introduction (msword)
Acts 1-2 (msword)
Acts 3-8 (msword)
Acts 8-9 (msword)
Acts 10-11 (msword)
Acts 11-12 (msword)
Acts 13-14 (msword)
Acts 15 (msword)
Acts 15-18 (msword)
Acts 18-21 (msword)
Acts 21-23 (msword)
Acts 24-28 (msword)

Age of Accountability (pdf)

Adventism (ppt)

Age of the Earth (ppt)

Alcohol, Deceived by (Drinking, Drugs) (ppt)

Alcohol (Prohibition, Drinking) (pdf)

Altar, The Law Of The (Authority & Mercy) (ppt)

"Amen" (ppt)

Anger (ppt)

Anger of Saul (pdf)

Assemblies of God (Premillenialism, Rapture) (ppt)

ALC1 (Attitudes)                                 (pdf)
ALC2 (Labels)                                       (pdf)
ALC3 (Orphanages, Social Gospel)          (pdf)
ALC4 (Bible Classes, Women Teachers)     (pdf)
ALC5 (One Container, Located Preachers) (pdf)
ALC6 (PM Lord's Supper)                     (pdf)

Anxiety (ppt)

Attendence (Not Forsaking The Assembling) (ppt)

Authority (What Is Expedient?) (ppt) (mp3)

Authority In Religion (ppt)


Baby Jesus, Why Do People Love (Christmas) (ppt)

Baptism, Infant (ppt)

Baptist Baptism Sermon (Answered) (pdf)

Baptist Church, Answering The Old Paths (ppt) (mp3)

Baptist Pastor (A Response To A) (ppt)

~ ~ ~ BAPTIST (Responding To A Baptist "Pastor") ~ ~ ~
(Attitude) (Baptism) (Once Saved Always Saved)
(Musical Instruments) (Church Names)
("No Works") (Attitude Again) (pdf)

Barnabas (pdf)

Beyond The Grave (Hades) (ppt)

Bible?, Are There Missing Books Of The (doc)

Bible Authority (ppt)

Bible Classes, Are They Scriptural? (ppt)

Bible, Introduction To The (ppt)

Bible, Reliability of the (ppt)

Blood of Christ (pdf)

Boldness (ppt)

Brethren, Different Kinds Of (ppt) (mp3)


Calvinism (ppt)

Catholicism (ppt)

Christ, The Sufferings Of (Cross) (ppt)

Christ Forsaken By God?, Was (ppt) (mp3)

Christian Science (ppt)

Christmas (ppt)

2 Chronicles 19 (Jehoshephat) (ppt)

Church, Discipline (See also Discipline, Church
and Congregational Discipline)

Church Discipline (ppt)

Church, History After 100s AD (How Denomiations Formed) (ppt)

Church, How To Build The (pdf)

Church, Identifying The Original (ppt) (mp3)

Church versus Individual Action (ppt) (mp3)

Church: The Difference Between Individual & Collective Action (ppt)

Church?, What Is Wrong With The (ppt)

Church (Local Autonomy) (ppt)

Church History (Why Are There So Many Churches?) (ppt) (mp3)

Church (Local Membership) (ppt)

Findley church of Christ (doc)
First Baptist Church (doc)
Rock Community Church (doc)
River Community Church, The (doc)

Church Organization (1) (2) (ppt) (mp3)

Church, Origen Of The (ppt)

Church, Work Of The (ppt)

Colossians (Intro) (1-2) (3-4) (msword)

Community Church (1) (2) (pdf)

Congregational Discipline (ppt)

Conscience, A Good (ppt) (mp3)

1 Corinthians (Intro) (1-6) (7) (8-11) (11) (12-14) (15-16) (msword)

1 Cor. 11 (Hair or a Wrap?) (pdf)

1 Cor. 11 (The Veil) (ppt)

1 Cor. 15 (The Resurrection) (mp3)

2 Corinthians (Intro) (1-2) (3-7) (8-9 incomplete) (10-13) (msword)

2 Cor. 12:9 (My Strength Is Made Perfect In Weakness) (ppt)

Court?, May A Christian Go To (ppt)

Creation Compromises (ppt)

Creeds, Unwritten (pdf)

(1) Overview Of The Curriculum (msword)
(2) Class Topics For Ages 0-2 & 3-4 (msword)
(3) Class Topics For Ages 5-6 & 7-10 (msword)
(4) Class Topics For Ages 11-18 (msword)
(5) Class Topics For The Adult Class (pdf)


Dancing (ppt)

Daniel (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (ppt)

Daniel 8 (ppt)

Dating (ppt)

Deception (ppt)

Dee Bowman's Strange Worries (Christianity Magazine) (doc)

Deity of Christ, The (ppt) (mp3)

Deity of Christ (ppt)

Demons (ppt) (mp3)

Deuteronomy (Intro) (1-4) (4-11) (12-26) (27-34) (msword)

Dinosaurs (ppt)

Discipline, Church (ppt) (mp3)

Discipling Movement (Boston, ICOC) (ppt) (mp3)

Discouragement (ppt) (mp3)

Disobedience, Sons of (ppt) (mp3)

Divide, Are We Doomed To (pdf)

Dreams, Visions, Messages From God (pdf)

Dreams (ppt)

Drunkenness, Things Associated With (ppt) (mp3)
(See also Smoking)


Easter (pdf)

Easter - Should It Be Observed As Religious Holiday? (ppt)

Ecclesiastes (1-2) (3-4) (5-6) (msword)

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (A Time To...) (pdf)

Evidences of Bible Inspiration (ppt)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ELDERS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(What Is A Pastor?) (Qualifications) (Responsabilities) (ppt)
(How Appoint?) (Why Some Don't Want Them) (ppt)
(Nature Of) (ppt) (Questions About Elders) (msword)
(Questions About Deacons) (Case Studies) (msword)

Emotionalism (ppt) (mp3)

Ephesians (Intro) (1-3) (4-6) (msword)

Error, The Effects Of (ppt)

Euphemism (Speech) (pdf)

Evangelism (1) (2) (ppt)

Evidences (Beetles) (pdf)

Evidences (The Complexity Of Cells, Design) (ppt)

Evolution (ppt)

Example, When Is It Binding? (ppt)

Exodus (Intro) (msword)

Ezekiel 2-3, Walking A Mile In Ezekiel's Shoes (ppt)

Ezra-Nehemiah (Intro) (Ezra 1-6) (Ezra 7-10) (Neh 1-13) (msword)


Face Of The Lord (ppt)

Faith (ppt)

"Faith Alone" (Grace Evangelical Society) (pdf)

Faith (Phil. 1) (ppt)

Faith?, Do We Hate (ppt)

Family (ppt)

Family (My House Is Not For Sale!) (ppt) (mp3)

Family (The Place Of Children) (ppt) (mp3)

Family (What Children Owe) (ppt)

Family - Things Children Should Know (Part 1) (ppt)

Family - Things Children Should Know (Part 2) (ppt)

Father? What Is A (ppt) (mp3)

Fatherhood (Parenting) (ppt) (mp3)

Fellowship (ppt)

Fellowship (ppt)

Fellowship, Effects of Broken (pdf)

Fellowship, Purity of (Withdrawing) (msword)

Fellowship, Troubles Over (msword)

Figurative Language (ppt)

(Repentance) (Faith) (Baptism) (Laying On Of Hands)
(Resurrection) (Eternal Judgment)(pdf)

Forgiveness (ppt)

Love (ppt)
Joy (ppt)
Peace (ppt)
Longsuffering (ppt)
Kindness (ppt)
Goodness (ppt) (mp3)
Faithfulness (ppt)
Meekness (ppt) (mp3)
Self-Control (ppt) (mp3)

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Gospel Meetings


Galatians (Intro) (1-2) (3-4) (5-6) (msword)

Galatians 4:21-31 (Allegory of Two Women) (Old Law) (ppt) (mp3)

Gambling (ppt) (mp3)

Giving (ppt)

Gluttony (pdf)

(1) Being Scriptural (ppt)
(2) Being Fruitful (ppt)
(3) Being United (ppt)
(4) Being Clean & Strong (ppt)

Golden Compass (Movie Review) (pdf)

Gospel, The Social (ppt) (mp3)

Gospel Is, The (ppt)

Gospels, Two - Don Behel Error (Part 1) (pdf)
Gospels, Two - Don Behel Error (Part 2) (pdf)

Gospel, What Is The? (Core Gospel) (ppt)

Grace (ppt)

Grace Out Of Focus (pdf)

Grace Does, Things (pdf)

Greatness, True (ppt)

Grey Areas (pdf)


Hatred (pdf)

He Could Have (Jesus) (ppt)

Heart According To The Bible?, What Is The< (ppt)

Heart, Purity Of (ppt)

Heart, A Willing (ppt)

Heaven (Heirs of Glory) (ppt)

Heaven (ppt)

Hebrews (Intro) (1-4) (4-10) (10-13) (msword)

Hell, Advantages To (ppt)

High Priest, Jesus Christ Our (ppt)

Hinduism (World Religions) (ppt)

Holiness (ppt)

Holy Spirit, Gift of the (ppt)

Holy Spirit, Identity of the (ppt)

Holy Spirit, Measures Of The (ppt) (mp3)

Holy Spirit, The Work Of The (ppt)

Holy Spirit, The Indwelling Of The (ppt)

Holy Spirit (What About The Indwelling?) (ppt)

Home, Spirituality In The (ppt)

Homosexuality (The Tennessean) (ppt) (mp3)

Homosexuality (pdf)

Homosexuality and Free Speech (doc)

Honesty, Truth & Error (pdf)

Hope, One (Heaven) (ppt)

Humanist Manifesto (Humanism, Philosophy) (ppt)

Humility (pdf)


Impatience (pdf)

Institutionalism (Individually Run?) (pdf)

Institutionalism (Tennesse Bible College) (pdf)

Issue Oriented, Is It Wrong To Be? (pdf)


James (Intro) (1) (2-4) (5) (msword)

Jehovah's Witnesses (ppt)

Jehovah's Witnesses Approve Alcohol (Social Drinking) (pdf)

Jehovah's Witnesses, Three Errors Of The (pdf)

Jehovah's Witness (A Reply To A) (pdf)

Jeremiah (Intro) (1-6) (7-12) (13-17) (18-25) (26-29) (30-33) (34-45) (46-51) (52) (msword)

Jesus, Beauty Of (ppt)

Jesus - One Like Unto Moses (Deut 18) (ppt)

Job 1-2 (ppt) (mp3)

Job 3-37 (ppt) (mp3 Part 1) (mp3 Part 2)

Job 38-42 (ppt) (mp3)

1 John (Intro) (1-2) (3-4) (5) (msword)

Jonah (msword)

Joshua (Intro) (1-5) (5-8) (9-13) (13-19) (20-24) (msword)

Jude 1 (msword)

Judge Righteous Judgment (pdf)

Judges (Intro) (1-3) (3-5) (6-10) (10-16) (17-21) (msword)

Just Do It (Choice) (ppt)


1 Kings (Intro) (1-11) (12-22) (msword)

2 Kings (Intro) (1-17) (18-25) (msword)


Lamentations (Intro) (1-2) (3) (4-5) (msword)

Leadership, Male (Husband, Home) (ppt)

Liberalism, The Spirit Of (1) (2) (3) (4) (pdf)

Loneliness (pdf)

Lord's Supper (ppt)

Lord's Supper (Is The "Second Offering" Unauthorized?) (ppt) (mp3 part 1) (mp3 part 2)

Lord's Supper PM ("Second Offering" Issue) (Brian Yeager) (pdf)

Lord's Supper, Misconceptions About The (pdf)

Lord's Supper, One Container Issue (One Cup) (ppt)

Love (Is It Sufficient Authority?) (pdf)

Love The Brotherhood (pdf)

Luke 7:36-50 (Spiritual Blindness) (ppt)


Marijuana (Medical Marijuana, Drugs) (ppt)

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage (The Rules) (ppt)

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage (What The Text Says) (ppt)

MDR - Divorce For The Kingdom's Sake? (doc)

MDR (God Hates Divorce) (pdf)

MDR (Marital Mayhem, False Doctrines) (pdf)

MDR ("Mental Divorce" or "Second Putting Away") (pdf)

MDR (A Response To Pat Donahue's Article "Joined") (doc)

MDR Error (Tom Roberts) (msword)

MDR Update: Tom Roberts & Bobby Holmes Repent (pdf)

MDR Error (False Teachers: Ron Halbrook, Weldon Warnock) (doc)

Masonry (ppt)

(1-3) (4) (5) (5:17-20) (5:21-48) (6:1-18) (6:19-34) (7) (8) (9)
(10:1-42) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20)
(21) (22a) (22b) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (ppt)

Matt 19 MDR (mp3)
Matt. 21 Purpose of the Temple (mp3)
Matt. 22a Marriage Feast (mp3)
Matt. 22b Is Our Mind Made Up?(mp3)
Matt. 23 Hypocrisy Exposed (mp3)
Matt. 24 Two Judgments (mp3)
Matthew 25 (Final Judgment) (mp3)
Matthew 27 (Christ Crucified) (mp3)

Membership, Inherited (ppt)

Men's Training Class
(Preparing Lessons) (Bible Classes) (Public Prayer) (ppt)

Methodist (mp3)

Mind, An Open (pdf)

Minor Prophets (Intro) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (msword)

Modesty (See also TRACTS)

Modesty (ppt)

Modesty (Gen. 3:7) (pdf)

Modesty (Chaste Behavior) (ppt) (mp3)

Modesty, Should Culture Determine? (ppt)

Modesty (Gen. 3:7) (pdf)

Modesty (What Bait Do You Use?) (doc)

Modesty In All Seasons (doc)

Mormonism (ppt)

Music In Worship? May We Use Instrumental (ppt)
(mp3 Part 1) (mp3 Part 2)


Numbers (Intro) (1-4) (5-10) (10-12) (13-14) (15-19) (20-25) (26-30) (31-36) (msword)

Nehemiah (See Ezra-Nehemiah)


Obey, Reasons Why Some Don't (ppt)

One Another (Brotherly Love) (ppt) (mp3)

Opportunity To Know Truth (ppt)

Ox In The Ditch (ppt)


Parenting (Manoah, Judges 13, Family) (ppt)

Parenting (Ask Nicely!) (pdf)

Parental Assumptions (ppt) (mp3)

Parenting Challenges (Family) (ppt)

Parenting - Expect More (Family) (doc)

Paul's 1st Evangelism Tour (ppt)
Paul's 2nd Evangelism Tour (ppt)
Paul's 3rd Evangelism Tour (ppt)

Peace (pdf)

1 Peter (Intro) (1-2) (2-3) (3-5) (msword)

Philemon Intro (msword)

Philipians (Intro) (1) (2) (3) (4) (msword)

Pray To Jesus, Is It Right To (ppt)

Prayer (ppt)

Prayer, Constant (ppt)

Prayer, Hezekiah's (2 Kings 20) (ppt)

Prayer?, What Is (ppt)

Preach (An Application To) (pdf)

Preaching, Attitudes Towards ("Don't See It") (doc)

Preaching, Popular (ppt)

Preaching, The Positive Side Of Negative (pdf)

Preaching (Seven Fatal Flaws Of Stephen) (ppt)

Predestination (Rom. 9:13) (ppt) (mp3)

Premillenialism - 1000 Year Reign (ppt)

Premillennialism (R. H. Boll; Louisville, Kentucky; False teacher) (pdf)

Premillennialism (Throne of David) (ppt)

Premillennialism: The Rapture (Harold Camping's Error, May 21, 2011) (ppt)

Profanity (Speech) (ppt)

Profane Language (Speech) (ppt)

Protestant Reformation (Why Did It Fail?) (pdf)

Proverb 31 (A Virtuous Wife) (ppt) (mp3)

Providence (ppt) (mp3)

Psalms (Intro) (1-15) (16-30) (31-41) (42-55) (56-65) (66-72) (73-89) (90-100)
(101-106) (107-118) (119) (120-134) (135-141) (142-150) (msword)



Racism (ppt)

Rapture, see Premillenialism and Assemblies of God.

Religious Titles (ppt)

Repentance (ppt) (mp3)

Resurrection - Fact or Fiction? (ppt) (mp3)

Resurrection, The Power Of His (ppt)

Revelation (Intro) (1-5) (6-8) (9-20 unavailable) (21-22) (msword)

Romans (Intro) (1-3) (3-8) (9-11) (12-16) (msword)

Romans 14 (Ed Harrell) (ppt)

Romans 14 - Who Is The Weak? (ppt) (mp3)

Romans 14 (Greg Gwin's Error Part 1) (ppt)

Romans 14 (Greg Gwin's Error Part 2) (ppt)

Romans 14 (Greg Gwin's Error "Judge") (pdf)

Romans 14, Clarifying (pdf)

Romans 14 What Are "Scrupples"? (msword)

Romans 14 (Difficult Situtations) (pdf)

Romans 14 (Wolves, Elders) (pdf)


Sabbath (ppt)

Sacrifice, A Living (ppt)

Salvation, The Plan of (ppt)

1 Samuel (Intro) (1-7) (8-12) (13-15) (16-20) (21-31) (msword)

2 Samuel (Intro) (1-11) (12-24) (msword)

Satan (The Deceiver) (ppt)

Saved?, Am I Really (msword)

Scientology (ppt)

Seen of Men, To Be (Humility, Pride) (ppt)

Sermons (Paul's First Tour) (ppt)

Shamefastness (Modesty) (pdf)

Sin, Different Kinds (ppt)

Sin, Overcoming (ppt)

Sin, The Unpardonable (ppt)

Smoking (ppt)

Smoking (pdf)

Songs, Unscriptural (ppt)

Soul For A Penny?, Would You Sell Your (ppt)

Speech Makes Thee Known, Thy (ppt) (mp3)

Speech (Wisdom For The Tongue) (ppt) (mp3)

Spirit of Christ (pdf)

Spirit, Soul & Body (ppt)

Suffering (ppt)


Tabernacle (Lessons From The) (pdf)

Tabernacle, The (ppt)

Temptation (ppt) (mp3)

Thankfulness (Phil. 1:3) (ppt)

1 Thessalonians (Intro) (1-3) (4-5) (msword)

2 Thessalonians (Intro) (1) (2) (3) (msword)

1 Timothy (Intro) (1) (2-3) (4) (5) (6) (msword)

2 Timothy 1-2 (3-4 unavailable) (msword)

~ ~ ~ TRACTS (Free, Printable On 8.5 x 11 Paper, Tri-Folded) ~ ~ ~
TRACT:   Holy Spirit, The Work Of The                    (pdf)
TRACT: The Kingdom Of Prophecy                         (pdf)
TRACT:   Door To Door (Dual Message)                    (pdf)
TRACT:   Identity Of The New Testament Church   (pdf)
TRACT:  Modesty                                                      (pdf)
TRACT:  Premarital Sex                                            (pdf)
TRACT: Does It Matter How We Worship?                (pdf)
TRACT: Will Only The CofC Be Saved?                   (pdf)
TRACT: Many Think They Are Saved, But Are Not! (pdf)
TRACT:  Calvinism (T.U.L.I.P.)                         (pdf)

TRACT:  Understanding The Bible (Authority, Interpeting) (msword)

Treasury?, How Should We Use The (ppt) (mp3)

Truth (Buy The Truth, Sell It Not) (ppt)


United Church of Christ, The (ppt)

United Pentecostal Church (Deity, Godhead) (pdf)

United Way (Charitable Organizations?) (pdf)

Unity (Same Care For One Another) (ppt) (mp3)

Unity (ppt)

Unity (All Roads Lead To Heaven?) (ppt)

Unity In Adversity (ppt)

Unity (2 Cor. 2) (ppt)

Unity -We Are Brethren (1) (2) (ppt)

Unrestrained (Attitudes) (ppt)


Veil - See 1 Corinthians 11


~ ~ ~ WALKING BY FAITH (Sermons Reviewing Cogdill's Book) ~ ~ ~

WBF#1 Mission of the Church (ppt)
WBF#2 Sufficiency Of The Church (ppt) (mp3)
WBF#3 How Is Scriptural Authority Established? (ppt) (mp3)
WBF#4 What Is An Expedient? (ppt)
WBF#5 When Is An Example Binding? (ppt) (mp3)
WBF#6 Church And Individual Obligations (ppt) (mp3)
WBF#7 Local Autonomy (ppt) (mp3)
WBF#8 Extent & Limit of Elders Authority (ppt) (mp3)
WBF#9 How May Churches Cooperate? (ppt)
WBF#10 The Church & Human Organizations (ppt)
WBF#11 The Work Of The Church: Evangelism (ppt)
WBF#12 The Work Of The Church: Edification (ppt)
WBF#13 The Work Of The Church: Benevolence (ppt)
WBF#14 Church Cooperation (ppt)
WBF#15 The Universal And The Local Church (ppt)

War Question (May A Christian Use Force?) (pdf)

Wife, A Prudent (ppt)

Women, The Role Of (ppt)

Work (ppt)

Work Out Your Own Salvation (Phil.2:12) (ppt)

Worldliness (ppt)

Worship (Casual Worship?) (pdf)

Wrong Is Wrong (ppt)




Zeal For Thy House (pdf)

Gospel Meetings

~ ~ ~ October 14-19, 2007 with Raymond Castillo ~ ~ ~

Personal Responsability (mp3)                       God's Grace (mp3)
Proper Courage (mp3)                  Sin, A Changed Reality (mp3)
Isaiah 53 (mp3)                                       Raising Children (mp3)
What Can a Church Really Do? (mp3)   We Persuade Men (mp3)

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Gospel Meetings

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